Being an Exchange Server user, you must be very well aware of the fact that errors or sudden corruption may occur from any resources or our daily routine task. But, what matters more is our ability to cope up with the situation and fix the error without losing any temper. Many of you must be wondering why this write-up is talking about error or temperament. The reason is very obvious. Every time we face any EDB file error, most of us get tensed.

Repair Exchange Database

Repair Exchange Database software also comprises some advanced setting options using which you can make the recovery process more efficient and output-driven. Those options are:

  • Ask for database version
  • Show all type of items in folder
  • Consider all Pages of database as badly corrupted
  • Get "From" field from message table
  • Show all messages in the folder without checking the content existence

Repair Corrupt Exchange Server Database Files

Working on MS Exchange Server, mounting is considered as a very significant procedure. In fact, in this process, database available for all services runs under Exchange Server environment. In Microsoft Exchange Server, every time you try to access data from the Exchange Server Database (EDB) file, Exchange Database Repair gets mounted after running Information Store Service. But there are incidents when EDB file refuses to mount, which makes it completely inaccessible. This is where problem starts and there could be various reasons for arise of such situation, including corruption of database. The consequence that you got to face is the loss of data. Ultimately you would require exchange database recovery.

Talking in context of error, the most frequent and unexpected type of error message pop up when you mount the Exchange Server database on server, while running MS Exchange Server is :-

“An internal processing error has occurred. Try restarting the Exchange System Manager or the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service, or both.

  • Event ID: 9175
  • Source: MSExchangeSA
  • Category: MAPI Session
Possible Reason

The most possible reason for facing such error could be an existence of System mailbox object in System Object container, which has been created for this mailbox store. Now, when you tried to mount it, Exchange Server builds–up another object for the same, which caused an objection.


In order to resolve the aforementioned issue you can easily implement the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Active Directory Users.
  • Under View menu, click on the Advance features options.
  • Browse down to Microsoft Exchange System Objects container, and search for the System mailbox object whose mailbox store you look forward to mount.
  • Delete the System mailbox and try to mount the mailbox store.
Try it for Free

The aforesaid recovery steps can help you fix the error, but at times even these core steps fails to deliver you the desired output. In that case, the ideal approach that you can opt is use third party Exchange database repair tool. The software could very help you restore accidental or intentional deleted mailbox. The Exchange Database Repair tool has got two recovery modes – Advance Scan & Standard Scan using which you could easily recover the EDB file error in all conditions. And, once you are able to restore the edb file, you could save the recovered Mailbox as a PST file. This PST file can be directly imported into either MS outlook or MS Exchange Server.

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